The Vibe and Factor scores

This article covers everything you need to know about the Vibe Score: 


  • What is the Vibe Score?
  • How is it calculated?
  • How do we measure your factor scores?
  • Accessing the Vibe and Factor stats

What is the Vibe Score?

The Vibe Score is a measure of how your team is going at work on a scale of -100 to 100. It is calculated by aggregating all of your team's responses to the Vibe question How's work going? 

How is it calculated? 

We take answers for everyone in your team who has responded to the Vibe in the current week plus the three weeks before and calculate a weighted average.

Responses have less impact the older they get based on an exponential decay function. This ensures the score closely reflects the way your team is feeling in the current week while still being moderated by previous values. It also means users who have missed a Vibe or may not be able to record their Vibe every week are still factored in.

The numerical value attributed to each descriptor, used to calculate the Vibe Score, works accordingly: 

Awesome = 100, Good = 50, OK = 0, Bad = -50, Terrible = -100.

How do we measure your factor scores?

Alongside the Vibe, we also give a score to each of the key performance factors we measure as part of the weekly check-in process. This is calculated based on how people were feeling when they chose a certain factor.

For instance, someone who chose 'Excited and full of energy' with the happiest emoji will carry the most positive weight, whereas someone choosing the same factor but with the unhappiest emoji will carry the most negative weight. We constantly update the score for each factor as responses come in.

Accessing your stats

In the web app, you can access the Vibe stats at the top of the Space you are currently in by clicking on the middle box that looks like this:

You can also access the stats by clicking on 'View all' underneath your formal teams on the left hand nav bar.

Once you have clicked on this you will be taken to the relevant stats page for your Space. Here, you can view the Vibe score, Factor scores, detailed feedback and also how things have changed over time.

In the mobile app, you can access your stats by following the same process as above - either by clicking the box at the top of the Space you're in or by navigating to 'View all' button to see all your Spaces and scores.

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