Using Heelix to give recognition

Showing appreciation to your team members has a tangible impact on the overall motivation and performance of the team. People often think this needs to be directly tied to some sort of monetary gain but in fact, most employees just want to know that the work they're doing is appreciated.

In Heelix you have the option to give a shoutout through using the dedicated feature at the top of your feed (or through the + button on your mobile). When you give a shoutout, they're received by the individual in their own Grow section but they're also posted in a Space for everyone to see.

Start by choosing the Space you want to share the shoutout in, then select 'Give a shoutout' and select who it's for. From here you can choose to say a little about why you're giving the shoutout and even tag a related company value.

You only have 4 shoutouts to give each month so use them wisely as once they're gone, you'll have to wait until the following month.

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