Anonymity in Heelix

Research shows that teams which provide feedback in an open, honest and transparent way are higher performing than those that keep things closed down. That's why it's great to use the feed (whether it's a post, poll shoutout or discussion) to share thoughts between one another.

However we also understand that to feel comfortable, it is sometimes required to be able to provide anonymous feedback, particularly when it is about your own personal experience at work.

What's anonymous

When you use the VIBE component of Heelix, anything you share is completely anonymous. There is no way of your manager or account owner finding out who said what. Your vibe response is anonymous and remains that way even when aggregated with all team data. After it's been submitted, only you can see what you recorded. This includes any anonymous comments you have made as part of the Vibe process.

What's open

Anytime you share something on the FEED in one of your spaces (a post, poll, shoutout or discussion) this is open to the team. We do that so we can encourage more open communication.

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